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About Counselling & Psychotherapy and my supervision practice
Many people phone a therapist when they are in crisis: something isn't working any more and they want to fix it. That's understandable, counselling and psychotherapy provide valuable support to help people find their way through tricky times.

Yet this type of support isn't only valuable when you're in trouble. Socrates said 'The unexplored life is not worth living' and this view underpins my approach to counselling and psychotherapy. If you just go though life without making time for reflection or taking stock, there is little chance of changing things you're unhappy about. My interest in Eastern philosophy and Mindfulness has helped me realise that many of us go through life half-asleep, without being fully aware of our thoughts, feelings and sensations. Without noticing, life just passes us by and we can miss huge chunks of it to daydreaming or habit.

Counselling gives us the opportunity to step outside everyday way of being and reflect. In a safe and supportive environment, we can begin to understand ourselves more deeply and recognise what steps we could take to make our lives more fulfilling. Sometimes this involves making changes in our lives; other times, in our attitude to ourselves, perhaps though developing compassion and becoming more accepting of who we are.

When I work with couples, I regard their relationship as the 'client'. This helps us focus and frame the work effectively. Many couples come to sort out a specific problem; others to explore what it means to be in an intimate relationship; some to negotiate separation more amicably. Counselling provides an often rare space to reflect on your relationship without distraction and facilitate constructive communication.

I really enjoy supervising other practitioners' work. I can help you develop your practice and be alongside you through tricky times. I welcome newly qualified and experienced therapists, and can support you though BACP's accreditation process.

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